Ready to Play records is a small label with a mission to help nice people make good music.  We are particularly fond of the DIY ethic, knowing that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make great music, you just need a good song.  We have both homemade and professionally duplicated CDR's, cassettes, hopefully some vinyl someday, and digital releases.  We are particularly fond of handmade packaging. Check each title's listing for the available formats.


If you would like to submit your music for consideration, please send us a link to some samples. Please do not send attachments. They will be deleted.  Right now, we are looking to develop a group of like minded musicians that can help to support and promote each other's efforts.  Specifically, we are looking for artists who:

  • *believe in a great song
  • *record on their own or with a few friends
  • *are not primarily a live/touring band
  • *are doing this for the love of music, not girls, money or beer
  • *believe in a DIY ethic for all aspects of music production
  • *we are open to any sub-genre of indie/alternative--which is pretty broad--we just care about great songs

Thanks for looking!

Mailing List

New digital single from Maps for Sleep

Hello again.  Bet you thought this website was dormant?  Anyways, the Maps for Sleep "virtual 7 inch" is now available for download through bandcamp, and the song "Striptease" from iTunes, Amazon and all the usual suspects.  We are making a few CD's, so look for them on this site soon. Unfortunately, we can't put this 7" on vinyl...because quite frankly we don't have the cash to. Oh well.  These songs will be on a full length album later this year, and I am crossing my fingers for vinyl on that one.  Enjoy!

Ready to Play website finally here

Hey everyone--or no one as the case may be--finally have the Ready to Play website up and going.  The URL is going to be attached to our host for awhile, which also means some advertising. This is because, quite frankly, we don't have the spare cash to pay for hosting.  If you are in a band, do look into FourFour's free music websites.  You can do some cool basic stuff for little or no $$.  Anyways, we will be tweaking the site here and there yet over the coming weeks and months.  Hope you enjoy!